Information For Gynaecologists And Urogynaecologists On MonaLisaTouch And Vulvo Vaginal Laser Reshaping

Laser Treatment Of Vaginal Atrophy Using MonaLisaTouch VulvoVaginal Laser Reshaping

The MonaLisaTouch Laser system offers a new treatment method for vaginal atrophy that restores the trophic conditions of the vulvo vaginal region.

DEKA has introduced the first laser-assisted treatment to target vaginal atrophy reliably and effectively. Thanks to the gentle action of an innovative fractional CO2 laser, the vaginal tissue can be rejuvenated naturally and effectively and counteract a number of the underlying structural changes contributing to vaginal atrophy. When the pre-menopausal structure is restored, the vaginal mucosa benefits from the functionality it had lost due to age, thereby recovering hydration, trophism, tone, sensitivity.

The MonaLisaTouch treatment is delivered using the proven SmartXide2 fractional laser platform with a specially-deisgned V2LR laser applicator (Vulvo Vaginal Laser Reshaping).

The laser guarantees optimal reliability and performance thanks to an exclusive CO2 source laser with a unique PSDĀ® technology (Pulse Shape Design). The Pulse Shape Design technology allows a special pulse to be emitted, which is ideally suited to produce an optimal response in the tissue in the vaginal walls.





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